Barn dance advice


THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE You ideally need at least 16 people dancing at any one time to make the most of a barn dance.The most people you can have is determined by the size of the venue.There is no age limit so people of all ages can join in. All that is required is the ability to follow a few simple instructions and enjoy yourselves.

VENUE Make sure the venue is suitable for dancing. A rectangular space with no obstructions is ideal. Try and avoid having people sitting and drinking in a seperate room because they may not be encouraged to dance. If you must have a marquee in the Spring or Autumn make sure you have the option of heating it.

FOOD BREAK If you are going to have food make sure there is a proper food break. If not you may find it difficult to get enough people up to dance at the same time because too many are eating. Also if the band are invited to eat that they are among the first, so as to be ready to play when everyone else has finished eating.

TIME Make sure you have a clear start time so that everyone arrives about the same time ensuring that the dancing can start as soon as possible.

CONTACT DETAILS Make sure that you have the band contact details to hand and that the band can contact you as well.

BAND Don't forget to pay the band!